Monday, 11 February 2013

My Current Wishlist

i used to have many activities to do at solo and when it comes to holiday i really don't have anything to do *pity me :(* this holiday isn't really worthed i think but yeah not so bad too. i took a lesson for driving anddd next saturday i'll take my driving license yay!! so excited for this one :D

i do hang out with some of my friends but still i have days that vacant. so finally i surfed more (in internet :p), sleep more, EAT MORE!! hahah, and date more (in skype and line -,-). unfortunately at my long long holiday, my family are busy with their own activity like school and work andd tasks andd course and many more :'( so let's just skip that and back to the topic hehe

here's my current wishlist!!

1. DIY Galaxy Shoes

2. Etude Fresh Cherry Tint (red one)

3. DIY Armcandy

4. Ombre Shirt

5. Nail Art

i did my nail art actually but it turned like this :'D

source images : wehearit, google and my phone :)

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