Thursday, 21 February 2013

my holiday is over (for me)

Yap!! It's time for me to go back to my daily routine, study :) Everything in this world is about sacrifice I think, I mean you won't get what you want if you don't sacrifice a thing. You know what i mean? No? Okay, let's just skip that :p

I will go back to Solo this evening and I'm really sad that I have to leave my family here in Jakarta. Not only my family but also my friends from high school, junior high school which I love hihi. Before I go back to Solo, I had well you call it photo shoot, with my sister.

And of course shop more!! haha so it was Dila's first part ever and she wants me to be her stylist and make up artist. I feel honored as the oldest one, so we went to ITC Kuningan to buy her a dress and everything she needs. But I end up bought some too haha

of them all i love this one :D

and so my holiday is officially over. Hello to my daily routine and have a nice day everyone :D

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Monday, 11 February 2013

My Current Wishlist

i used to have many activities to do at solo and when it comes to holiday i really don't have anything to do *pity me :(* this holiday isn't really worthed i think but yeah not so bad too. i took a lesson for driving anddd next saturday i'll take my driving license yay!! so excited for this one :D

i do hang out with some of my friends but still i have days that vacant. so finally i surfed more (in internet :p), sleep more, EAT MORE!! hahah, and date more (in skype and line -,-). unfortunately at my long long holiday, my family are busy with their own activity like school and work andd tasks andd course and many more :'( so let's just skip that and back to the topic hehe

here's my current wishlist!!

1. DIY Galaxy Shoes

2. Etude Fresh Cherry Tint (red one)

3. DIY Armcandy

4. Ombre Shirt

5. Nail Art

i did my nail art actually but it turned like this :'D

source images : wehearit, google and my phone :)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A day with my boy

we are on our semester holiday and we live so much apart, i live at east jakarta while he lives at west jakarta. oh yeah i forgot to introduce him, so at 21 august 2012 me and him were officially dating and his name is adam naviul fattakh. he goes to the same college with me and we both study accounting there. so back to the topic, we agreed to meet at my mother's office and accompany me to hunt for nail art things. i arrived at 7.30 a.m and waited for him at musholla. while waiting, i met some of my mother's friends and they were really surprised to see me again, since i went to solo to study there. it's funny to saw their reaction haha i should took a photo ya :p

i was really bored because adam told me at 9 a.m that he would arrive at 11 a.m. what should i do for 2 hours later? so i did this

then someone open the door and stared at me for a long time, i was shocked too! suddenly she said "ah! this must be dara!!" she said it happily "alhamdulillah, finally i met you" really, i don't even know who she is. she kept talking to me nicely and she ask my permission to shalat. after that we had a conversation again, "you don't know who i am right?" i nodded, "well, i'm your mum's friend, marina. you know, your mum sometimes are really hard to tell but she's very kind to everyone" then i got really excited "you're right! she never heard my advice, although it's for her kind" so does she, she got excited too "we had a good conversation, but i'm really sorry i have to leave because there are sooo many tasks! till we meet again dara!!"

well, that's not the only one awkward but great moment that morning. i also met my mother's boss and got speechless. then i got a text from adam that he will arrived soon, and thank god he didn't really come to meet me at 11 a.m but at 9.30 a.m. so we headed straight to ambassador mall to hunt for that nail art thingy, and you maybe already know that in Indonesia mall opens at 10 a.m sharp and we arrived at 10 a.m hahaha. so we just sit at a.w and decided to get a breakfast for adam but unfortunately they haven't made anything. so i gave him my breakfast that i brought from home :) we just sit there and wait till 11 a.m and our hunt began!! i searched for dotting tools for like 1 hours but i didn't find it :( in the end i bought many nail polish and sponges.

you know i were at women's heaven where they sell fancy clothes, accessories and many more with reasonable price and most of them are really cheap. i really really want to buy one or two, suddenly adam said "you want that flower shirt? take it, i'll buy it for you" at first i refuse it but he said "really you don't want me to buy something nice for you?" so i took that flower shirt with happy face and i also buy aztec shirt with my own money.

oh yeaah i also bought lenses and some accessories, i crave that spikey bracellet for a looong long time :p

after that we headed to grand indonesia then we had lunch. we didn't really have exact purpose that day, we just go along with the mood, i just want to spend a day with him nothing else. why do i sound so mellow? in solo we meet everyday, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together well almost at the lunch part. you must have know how does it feel when we are apart. i miss him so much.

we went to trick art and still crowded, adam doesn't like crowd, he's a very shy person. so it's just me who took a photo :p

because adam just took a photo of me and he didn't really enjoy the trick art, so i asked him to go to photobooth instead.

see? he's still frigid in front of camera but i love the way he is :) that's how i spend my day with him, then he drive me to my mother's office and he went home.

i tried galaxy nail tutorial at home and seems like i failed hahah :')